Models :  BCD2812D 

Application :General woodworking  

Leadtime : 25 working days

Certificate : CE FDA 

Voltage :380V  

Customized :YES  

Warranty : 3 YEARS

Supply Ability :

Oversea Warehouse&Office : Dubai , Gernmany ,United Kingdom

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1. High technology compact machine making possible to drill holes on 6 sides, groove top and bottom, route shapes in one process without necessary of turning panel. Continuous working for various batch sizes and patterns to fit complex production. High accuracy and processing effective, basically no complaints.

2. Easy production management due to self-recording function. Automatic detection of panel size reducing man made mistakes. Adjustment of panel position by best compensation automatically to suit furniture assembly process. Open port for international popular software, compatible with many file formats like xml, mpr etc.

3. Long guiding rail with dual clampers for fast processing work of various work pieces.

4. Choosing from powered or simple roller conveyor for feeding in and out of panel to form a production line based on requirements.

Ability of BCD2812D 

1. Pure six-sided, 8 hours working time 700-800 pieces panels any size (punching and slotting)

2. Five-sided and six-sided mixed, 8 hours work time 900-1100 pieces panels any size  (punching and slotting)

3. Pure five-panel parts, 8 hours working time  ,the qantity of panels any time 1000-1200 pieces  (punching and slotting)

4. Pure punching five panels, 8 hours working time, the Quatity of panels is 1300-1500 pieces (pure punching)

5. Best operation 1 person is enough 



Taiwan LNC Control system and operation system, more reliable electricity components, Industry level computer. Open system design, it not only  be docked with diversified data formats, but also flexible docking with cnc router , Edge banding machine by code ,etc 

BCAM Six-sided drilling processing center, six-sided drilling is completed at one time, no need to turn the plate to reduce the secondary positioning of the plate, and to improve the drilling speed




The front and back slots can be processed at the same time, and the front and back slots can be processed at the same time to improve efficiency. The double-drilling package makes side holes and vertical holes synchronously processing, greatly improving efficiency. Double clamps, automatically adjust the clamping position according to the length of the plate, vertical + horizontal drilling with spindle, can realize diversified processing.

Syntec 6MA controller—enabling this product to accomplish multi-layer 3D job, cutting, engraving, milling, all at ease.aps_adv00.jpgDSCF2445_副本.jpg



Air-floating table design to avoid scratches on the board and reduce labor intensity

Vacuum table using high-density (1.3-1.45g/cm) material with great suction strength, comfortably accommodating all sizes of work piece.aps_adv00.jpgDSCF2454_副本.jpg


The original active protection system, also known as the “anticollision emergency stop switch”, has active protection for workers’ safety during the working process of the machine. At the same time, it has a system to automatically save thebreakpoint, and after the alarm is manually released, the engraving machine can continue to work

Top processing:

drilling block+main spindle

3.5kw main spindle

15 vertical drills

Horizontal drills:2*2 in X direction;2*2 in Y direction

Bottom processing:

drilling block+main spindle

3.5kw world famous main spindle

10 vertical drills



                           Panel width:                                   


Panel thickness  :


Max speed:         


   Main spindle power:


  Max rotation speed:


  Upper vert.drill:       


   Upper vert. drill:       

               X direction:2×2; Y direction:2×2               

  Lower vert.drill:       


  Rotation speed:      


 Dust collector:        

                             Top dust collector φ150mm; Bottom dust collector φ125mm             

  Total power:            


   Overall dimension:   


  Net weight:             



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