Making a cabinet makers job easy by PolyBoard Pro

Upload to:08-30 2019

 What is Polyboard 

Polyboard's powerful parametric functions enable you to interactively design cabinets, cupboards, fittings and 

practically any other furniture that is an assembly of parts.

 A few examples of the design possibilities available with Polyboard...


 Why Polyboard is the perfect choice…

√ Automatic and dynamic 2D and 3D presentations

√ Full set of working drawings of every part

√ Automatic calculations of the real costs

√ Automatic management of all the assembly and manufacturing details

√ Instant export of CNC post processor files: DXF, woodWOP MPR (Weeke & Homag), 

   Xilog Maestro/Plus XXL (SCM), bSolid BiesseWorks CIX/CID (Biesse), TpaCAD TCN 

   (Felder, Vitap & Brema) and NC-HOPS HOP (Holz-her & others)

√ Parametric hardware management for any type or brand

√ 100% accurate cutting lists

√ All updated dynamically as you design your project

● More Polyboard users now working faster and better...




"I can honestly say that Polyboard and OptiCut have divided our production time by at least 5 while making it possible to create price offers and 3D presentations in a couple of hours instead of days."
"Polyboard is fantastic. It has paid for itself many times over and does everything exactly as I want it to."
"Take a look when you have a moment. This is the furniture I designed [with Polyboard] this week for a Lyon interior designer."

Sylvain Roucher,

Furniture and stair manufacturer

Edward Wynn-Jones,

Co-owner - Acastrian Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Jonathan Riboud,


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