Models :  BCM3015FT6 

Application :Metal cutting  

Leadtime : 15DAYS

Certificate : CE 

Voltage :360V  

Customized :YES  

Warranty : 3YEARS

Supply Ability : 30SET/MONTH

Oversea Warehouse&Office : DUBAI

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Two machines in one One laser source and a single cutting head for two complementary processes, each with performance equal to that of a dedicated system. BCJ1530S R200 is the answer when a small footprint is the key or if production volumes do not justify two separate systems.


The cutting head is the most important component in a laser system, and determines both the performance and reliability of the machine. 

The best reliability on the market

Proven laser power of up to 3000W

The optic are 2 times less sensitive to contamination

Cover slide needs replacing 5 times less frequently

Only 3 consumable parts

The machine body is made by  High-performance steel with Integrated welding technology , This type of material has unique mechanical properties

it has a vibration damping factor that is one hundred times higher than that of steel

Perfect strength, accuracy and durability

The temperature coefficient is ten times lower

High thermal capacity

The best basis for linear motors


Aircraft Aluminium traverse bridge

The steel traverse bridge is manufactured with extreme precision to ensure  that high cutting accuracy is maintained with high acceleration. Its special design eliminates Abbe Errors (linear displacement caused by a rotational error) and wobble, in order to maintain appropriate rigidity during fast cutting. Precision  linear guides are positioned around the center of gravity on the base axes to provide high acceleration and accuracy.


Speed, acceleration and precision

Every BCAM fiber laser is equipped with Japan linear Servo motors on all movement axes. Linear motors provide high acceleration/deceleration and high dynamic accuracy. Unlike mechanical drives, linear motors do not lose energy converting rotational motor motion to linear traverse motion.


Built for speed

The fiber laser is provided by RAYCUS Photonics, the undisputed chinese leader in the production of sheet metal cutting fiber lasers. RAYCUS 's innovative products are characterized by their very high energy efficiency of more than 50%, higher productivity, reduced operating costs, ease of operation and integration, and compact design. The main features of these laser sources are energy efficiency and reliability.

Fiber lasers have a dynamic power range that allows the beam to focus and maintain a constant position, even after the laser power has been changed. 

Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (1000W-4000W)

●  Working area: 1500*3000mm
●  Cypcut control system
●  Taiwan PMI ball screw
●  Taiwan ABBA gears and racks
●  Fiber laser generator 1000W-4000W Raycus(Optional:Germany IPG Laser 1000W-4000W)
●  Serrate working platform table
●  Wifi remote assistance
●  Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers
●  Location system:Red dot indicator
●  Au3Tech laser cutting head+Auto focus function
●  Taiwan Hiwin square guide rail
●  Japan NSK Beraring
●  Industrial CW6200 water chiller
●  Heavy duty body frame thickness,more than 4500kg

Tube working capacity

Round tubes (Ø mm)   min 12 – max 120

Square tubes (mm)  min 12 x 12 – max 100 x 100

Workable tube weight (kg)  max 13.5

Machinable bar length (m)  min 0.5 – max 6

Unloading length (m)  max 3.5 / 4.5

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