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Common types of woodworking CNC routers

Upload to:05-07 2021

The classification of woodworking CNC routers is still relatively complicated. Because the corresponding work scenes are different, some of them do not have a fixed style. Multi-head CNC router , embossing machine, etc. are the common types. Let's take a look at common types of woodworking CNC routers below.

1.    Carousel ATC CNC Router, also known as enhanced machining center,8 tools can be equipped in the hat-shaped tool magazine, and the tool change speed is fast. It is suitable for processing diversified composite products, and the general configuration of this model is relatively high. So the price is relatively high, generally around 100,000, some manufacturers will sell more than 200,000.


2.    In-line tool change CNC Router. Some tool magazines of this type are located at one end of the lathe. Every time a tool is changed, the faucet has to go back to the starting point wherever it is. So the tool change speed is slow.


3.    There are other models widely adopted by companies in the door industry. Intelligent multi-process models are generally double-head (double-process), three-head (three-process), double-blade or triple-blade, which can be automatically switched. For wooden doors that are not very complicated in process requirements, two or three tools can meet the requirements. And this is also very cost-effective.

4.    If the customer wants to carve embossed products, such as European style furniture, embossed patterns on the doors of classical furniture, or screens, wooden handicraft pendants, etc. It is recommended to use a dedicated embossing machine. Since it takes a long time to engrave products such as embossed murals, the embossing machine has multiple heads, namely one tow, two tow, etc. Generally, one for three, one for five, one for six, one for eight, etc. Different models will have different sizes.

common types of woodworking CNC routers

Simply put, woodworking CNC router is the partner of woodworking, following the woodworking to show their value in the work, so no matter which type of CNC router is unique, it has its own strengths. I hope everyone will take care of it in daily use.BCAM has more than 10 years of experience in production of CNC routers, so we have all common types of woodworking CNC routers. For more information,please contact our customer service.