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CNC Router for interior hollowing of FAW-Volkswagen

Upload to:08-20 2021

 FAW-Volkswagen’s car interior hollowing has been custom-made by a third party for a long time, and there are problems with long customization cycles and high costs.



In order to improve production efficiency and save costs, the general manager in charge of automotive interiors found our company and explained their needs in detail.

After a week of demand understanding and communication confirmation, FAW-Volkswagen mainly purchased the cnc router for the purpose of hollowing out car interiors, and the materials used were mainly epoxy resin and acrylic sheets.




Car interior hollowing belongs to fine carving, and car interior hollowing is mass production. The cnc router is used frequently and the gantry slides frequently, so the requirements for the guide rail are higher. BCM1325S uses Taiwan HIWIN high-precision linear guide, which has high positioning accuracy, less wear and long-term accuracy.


BCM1325S cnc router, Z axis 8 inches stroke, can process slightly thicker materials, which is in line with the thickness of hollow materials for automotive interiors.

FAW-Volkswagen attaches great importance to the health of employees and the protection of the environment, so they urgently need an cnc router that can quickly handle processing debris.



BCAMCNC cnc router is equipped with a dust-free vacuum system. There are very few cnc router manufacturers with this patented technology in the industry. This is also one of the main reasons why FAW-Volkswagen quickly chose us.


BCM1325S cnc router is equipped with a 3.0kw water-cooling system spindle, which is better than air-cooled spindle in terms of service life and effect. 


Unique safety protection system makes BCAMCNCN cnc router better in the market. Life is heavier than

Tarzan, and the safety of staff is the most important. The BCM1325S cnc router is equipped with an "anti-collision emergency stop switch" to actively protect the safety of the staff. At the same time, it is equipped with a system that automatically saves the breakpoint. After the alarm is manually released, the cnc router can continue to work, which greatly improves the work efficiency.



After half a month of production, the customized BCM1325S cnc router was successfully debugged, and it has been shipped after acceptance by the general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Interior.



On March 9, our company’s business managers and technical engineers personally rushed to the FAW-Volkswagen site to conduct training on the use of the BCM1325S CNC router.


After a one-day training, several responsible technical engineers have basically mastered the use process and safety precautions of the CNC router. They have been impressed by the powerful power of BCM1325 and are full of confidence in their future work. I hope that the BCM1325S CNC router can create a world under the vast sky of FAW-Volkswagen.


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