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Professionals teach you how to buy cnc wood router

Upload to:01-18 2021

There are many types of CNC wood milling machines, and the prices are very different. For those who have a preliminary understanding of CNC engraving machines, it is inevitable that there are many doubts. Then how to choose a CNC wood milling machine that suits you, come and listen to the BCAMCNC technicians Suggest.


When choosing Cnc wood router, Generally, the following factors should be considered first:

(1) Easy clamping and simple fixture structure are also key factors that need to be considered when selecting CNC equipment. Choosing to use a horizontal CNC lathe or a vertical CNC wood milling machine will directly affect the selected fixture structure and processing coordinate system, which is directly related to the difficulty of CNC programming and the reliability of CNC machining.

(2) The working precision of the lathe is compatible with the processing precision required by the procedure. Choose a lathe according to the requirements of part machining accuracy. For rough machining processes with low accuracy requirements, a low-precision lathe should be selected, and a high-precision finishing process should be selected, and a high-precision lathe should be selected.

 (3) The main specifications and dimensions of the CNC wood milling machine should be compatible with the contour dimensions of the workpiece. That is to say, small workpieces should be processed by small-size lathes, and large workpieces should be processed by large-size lathes, so that the equipment can be used reasonably.


(4) The power and rigidity of the lathe and the range of maneuvering should be compatible with the nature of the process and the most suitable cutting parameters. If the rough machining process removes a large blank margin, and the cutting margin is selected to be large, the lathe is required to have high power and good rigidity.

(5) The structure of the lathe depends on the size of the lathe, the weight of the workpiece and other factors.  

Understand and master the above content, you can better choose CNC wood milling machine, more technical questions can consult BCAMCNC