BCAMCNC offer cost-effective industrial laser machine

Upload to:09-28 2020


With the development of society, the higher requirements promotes the development and improvement of industrial laser machine. There are many kinds of industrial laser machine. So what are the common industrial laser machine?

Industrial laser machine is generally divided into two major categories: laser engraving machines and mechanical engraving machines. The laser fiber engraving machine is a new type of processing equipment, which is more advanced than the mechanical engraving machine, and the mechanical engraving machine is more traditional and common. 

1. Laser engraving machine

Laser fiber engraving machine can cut most organic and inorganic materials. Many metal materials can be engraved and cut without deformation using laser cutting machine. For example, wood, metal, acrylic, marble, etc. They can be engraved and processed by laser fiber engraving machine. Fast cutting speed and smooth cutting surface are the advantages.

2. Mechanical engraving machine

Mechanical engraving machines are also widely used in industries, such as woodworking industry, advertising industry, mold industry, craft gift processing industry, etc. Mechanical engraving machine can make the processed material more beautiful and valuable. Compared with laser engraving machines, mechanical engraving machines are more cheap.

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