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Advantages of foam CNC router ATC CNC foam engraving machine

Upload to:12-01 2022

Advantages of foam CNC router ATC CNC foam engraving machine:

The rotating shaft adopts a movable design, which can be pushed to the end of the worktable when free, leaving a frontal space for surface processing operations. So it's a combination of a 3 axis and a 4 axis Styrofoam CNC router. This design creates more possibilities for users. CNC foam engraving machines are a cost-effective choice for foam engraving props and statues.

Foam carving CNC machine tools have the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision and good cutting quality. CNC foam cutting technology has always been a cutting-edge technology supported and applied by the state, especially the government's emphasis on revitalizing the manufacturing industry.

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Our CNC router machine tools mainly process mold electrodes, and the electrodes need to be trimmed after each electrical machining. Although the electrode workpiece has a baseline, it is not clear after repeated use. Over time, human error is difficult to ensure the accuracy of electrode positioning, resulting in waste during processing. In order to solve this problem, we designed a very simple and practical V-shaped iron auxiliary fixture, in which the position of the Y-axis surface of the fixture is embedded in the T-shaped slot of the workbench. The positioning body is matched with the T-slot F or (the maximum gap is not greater than zero). In order to ensure the positioning tolerance between the X and Y positioning surfaces and the machine tool mechanical coordinates, after the positioning lag is fixed (that is, the positioning pin is inserted into the appropriate position of the positioning lag. In addition, the X and Y positioning surfaces are respectively based on the mechanical coordinates of the machine tool. Geometric tolerance and position tolerance. In this way, when processing the electrode workpiece, first process the two positioning surfaces of the workpiece, and then the workpiece is in close contact with the positioning surface of the fixture, and set the zero point of the workpiece and absolutely fix the coordinate value. When positioning and fixing, start the position where the workpiece records coordinate values, and the zero point as a process setting or set the origin to add to the workpiece program.. Modify the two-axis zero point or Z-axis tool compensation can add a T-shaped (20) T-shaped groove Wide pengshuai is the processing of the inner hole of the lathe, especially the deep inner hole. According to the general processing method, only the tailstock can be used. The drill sleeve of the hole is drilled.

CNC 5 axis foam router machine application industry:

Styrofoam molds, woodworking molds, large blister molds, large casting molds, lampshade molds, landscape lamp molds, large letter molds, etc.

Corresponding material:

Styrofoam, wood substitutes, wood, resin, aluminum, materials, etc.

Features: Advanced 5-axis linkage technology can precisely engrave every angle without special manual trimming.

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