Application of CNC router in the processing flow of panel furniture

Upload to:04-08 2021

The processing flow of panel furniture can be said to be well-known to manufacturers who have been engaged in production for many years. Process changes, equipment replacement, technology upgrade, nowadays processing and manufacturing have become more and more intelligent. So what CNC machinery and equipment can be used in the processing of panel furniture?

Modern panel furniture like cabinets, doors, etc. are all intelligently customized production, designed according to customer requirements. The products after design are visualized, and customers can see the effect intuitively. The design software can automatically generate the blanking paths and labels, and cooperate with the blanking program to optimize the cutting and cutting of the plate. At this time, the software and the CNC blanking machine are required to connect, and the blanking work can be performed directly on the computer. The corresponding CNC cutting machine completes grooving and other tasks,common woodworking cutting machines are mainly divided into: single-head CNC rotuer (standard), multi-head woodworking machine, multi-head start tool changer cutting machine, and inline type Tool change machining center, rotary tool change machining center, etc.


Wooden doors, cabinet doors, classical furniture and other such products on the CNC router process: feeding-fixing-engraving.


The feeding methods include manual feeding, conveying equipment feeding, and manipulator feeding. For ordinary processing plants, this process is basically manual. BCAM CNC router supports automatic loading and unloading. The BCM E series CNC router has an automatic loading tray lifting system, an automatic advance unloading transfer table, a very strong welded steel beam frame, a rotary tool changer on the gantry, a 13-horsepower external spindle and a 9-axis drilling head. Like all other BCAM CNC routers, BCM1325E has better performance, quality and function than similar products. The E series is extremely fast, the operator only needs to stand at the end of the unloading table to unload the cut parts from the machine.


The common fixing methods of this kind of CNC router are as follows: 1. Press plate fixing 2. Gun nail fixing 3. Vacuum adsorption. In terms of efficiency, vacuum adsorption>gun nail fixation>pressure plate fixation. For the CNC router of this kind of product, we strongly recommend vacuum adsorption. BCAM CNC routers all adopt vacuum adsorption table tops, using high-density materials, strong suction, and can easily accommodate multi-size workpieces.


The process of engraving depends on three aspects. The first aspect is typesetting, one is manual typesetting, that is, each different drawing is done first, and then each work piece is adjusted and arranged on the engraving layout one by one. The other is automatic typesetting, that is, a single drawing is done. Then use the function in the software to arrange them automatically, obviously the latter can improve the efficiency of processing.

The second aspect is the speed of engraving. The speed of engraving depends on the speed of the drive motor and the quality of the tool. The first is the drive motor. There are roughly three types of drive motors currently on the market, stepper motors, hybrid servo motors, and servo motors. This is also one of the factors that cause the price difference of the CNC router under the same function. Simply put, the servo motor is better than the first two in terms of torque, speed and accuracy. The specific configuration needs to be considered based on your budget and output factors. Then decide; BCAM CNC rotuer is mainly equipped with servo motors, and customers can also customize them according to their budget. The second is the quality of the tool. No matter how fast the engraving speed is, it will be useless if there is no engraving tool that can withstand this speed.


The third aspect is tool change. Tool change can be divided into manual tool change and automatic tool change. Manual tool change is a time-consuming process. Because the height of the tool changes after the tool is changed, it must be re-calibrated after each tool change. Up and down height, automatic tool change can eliminate this link. There are two types of models that can realize automatic tool change on the market, one is woodworking machining center, and the other is multi-process CNC router. The former switches the handle and tool.  The latter switch is the main shaft, the machining center has a disc type (battle hat type) and a row type. The hat type tool changes faster than the row type. The multi-process CNC router is currently the mainstream model on the market. The knife is automatically switched. BCAM CNC router has a complete range of manual tool change, in-line tool change, and disc tool change, which can meet the different requirements of customers.


After the engraving and blanking are completed, the edge banding machine needs to be used to perform the edge banding operation on the plate. The edge banding technology of panel furniture is mainly divided into two types according to the need to process the edge shape of the workpiece: straight edge banding and curved edge banding. BCAM BCF506 automatic single-sided edge banding machine can completely automatically complete straight edge banding, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.


After the edge banding work is completed, it is necessary to use the PPT numerical control drilling system to perforate the plate. The CNC six-sided drill of the BCAM CNC drilling system can complete the processing of the six-sided hole and groove of the furniture production at one time. It is an efficient panel furniture punching device, which can be used in conjunction with the electronic cutter and Used in conjunction with a CNC cutting machine, it is a necessary equipment for customized panel furniture manufacturers to achieve large-scale and batch production.

Then it is put into a vacuum laminating machine for laminating the board. The finished shape of the BCAM laminating machine is clear, with better adsorption, no discoloration at the edge, less stretch, no wrinkles at the corners, no deformation of the workpiece, and low film breakage. The heater adopts the imported nickel-chromium wire heater, which greatly reduces the heating power and saves 30% of the electricity compared with the ordinary laminating machine. High-performance stepping system is used for entering and exiting the warehouse, the speed is adjustable, to ensure that the workpiece does not shift, the motor has a long service life, and the intelligent insulation system effectively reduces the temperature loss. The 140 vacuum pump adopts a Sino-foreign joint venture brand. It also uses automatic film cutting, automatic frame compression, automatic locking, and automatic cooling instead of manual operation. The automatic cooling system has water and wind options.


After the laminating is completed, all the panels can be assembled and formed. So far, the processing of the panel furniture is basically completed, and the rest is to be transported to the end user for assembly. This is the common processing flow of panel furniture and the CNC machinery used in the processing process. BCAM is a professional manufacturer of CNC machinery,and has more than 20 years of production history and Rich experience in equipment processing and use. For more information,please contact our Customer service, I believe we can give you a satisfactory answer.