The method of correctly selecting and using engraving tools for CNC router

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The method of correctly selecting and using engraving tools for CNC engraving machine

The selection and use of tools and jackets is a very important part in the process of embossing hollow carvings with CNC engraving machines. Incorrect tool use can easily cause damage to the tools, and even the engraving effect can be greatly reduced. How to properly select and use wood engraving machine tools, we only need to follow the following principles.


1. The size of the tool holder should be suitable. The jacket has a section, the inner hole is not deformed enough, and the sleeve is worn for a long time. The sleeve with the taper of the inner hole must not be selected. It is easy to cause the handle to tremble, and the engraving can not produce satisfactory results. .

2. The shank should be matched with the jacket and can be smoothly inserted into and out of the jacket. The shank should be firmly put into the jacket and fastened. If the cutter sleeve is used for a long time, the inner hole is deformed, and the new clamp should be replaced. set.

3. Always check the toughness and sharpness of the tool. If the tool is found to be blunt or the knife edge is damaged, it is best to replace it immediately. If you continue to use it, not only the carving effect is not good, but also the risk of breaking the knife.


4. The thickness of the material to be processed shall not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge that can be cut and engraved. Otherwise, the broken knife or the engraving effect may be unsatisfactory.

5.For engraving and cutting of different materials, different tools should be selected and the cutting engraving speed should be modified reasonably.

6. During the working process of the engraving machine, the tool that rotates at high speed is very sharp. Pay attention to the body parts as close as possible to the objects in the process. Pay special attention not to wear too large overalls. Women should wrap the hair to prevent accidents.

7. The engraving and cutting speed should be balanced, the processing speed should be kept as consistent as possible, and the engraving and cutting process is best done in one go to prevent the occurrence of breakpoint cross-section marks.

8. It is best to use a professional cleaner to clean the tool.

9. Apply butter to prevent rusting of the tool when the tool is not in use.

10. Engraving tools Do not polish and change the shape of the blade.

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