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What should be paid attention to when choosing a woodworking engraving machine?

Upload to:12-30 2022

What should be paid attention to when choosing a woodworking router machine?

Nowadays, there are more and more enterprises with woodworking cnc router machines. As a common woodworking processing equipment, woodworking cnc router machine is widely used in many industries. However, the product quality is also very different. Many companies exaggerate and promote fake and shoddy products, and the technical level does not meet the requirements.

The guide rails used by router machines are divided into circular guide rails and linear guide rails. In terms of shape, the circular guide rail has a round appearance, and the linear guide rail is also called a square guide rail, which is cubic in shape. Linear guides are an important part of CNC router machines, and are widely used in panel furniture production equipment such as four-process router machines and woodworking centers. The quality also determines the quality of the whole machine. Today we will take a look at how its advantages and disadvantages affect woodworking router machines.

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Advantages of linear guides:

A. High positioning accuracy.

The movement mode of the linear guide rail is stable, the friction coefficient is small, the difference between static friction and dynamic friction is small, and there is no slipping and slipping phenomenon, so the CNC woodworking router machine can be positioned accurately.

B. The frictional resistance is small.

The rolling friction resistance of the linear guide can be reduced to 1/20 to 1/40 of that of the sliding guide. The lubrication structure is simple, the lubrication is easy and effective, and the friction contact surface wears little.

C. Easy to maintain

Mounting the linear guide on a mounting plane or milling it on a large five-sided milling machine can reproduce the machining accuracy of the linear guide while reducing the machining time and cost of conventional tooling. The easy-to-install and interchangeable sliders can be assembled on the same type of guide rail arbitrarily, and maintain the same smoothness and precision, easy to assemble and easy to maintain.

Disadvantages of linear guides:

The balls on the linear ball guide slider are in direct contact with the guide rail, and the dust and debris on the guide rail are easily brought into the bearing, causing problems such as sliders and slippage. Generally, ball linear guides need to use dust covers. Otherwise, their lifespan will be greatly shortened and they are not suitable for use where dust and debris are present.

So, how to choose the woodworking engraving machine that suits you?

First, look at your position.

Different customers have different processing requirements, choose the woodworking D series router machine products you need according to the main products. For example, if your main business is door panels, you might choose a floppy disk to turn into an engraving system. Because the door panels require many patterns, the tool magazine of the disc tool change machining center has 12 knives, which can quickly change tools and improve production efficiency. You can add knife patterns according to your own requirements. . Other engraving machines include four-process double-cut drilling, disc + drilling engraving machines, etc. Different routers are designed to handle different processes.

Second, choose the operating system that suits you.

For some furniture factories with strict processing, the new generation system, Baoyuan system and Weihong system are commonly used, but the market price of these operating systems is around 10,000-20,000 yuan. But for some manufacturers with lower processing requirements, it is enough to choose a general system, and the price is more acceptable. If the salesperson of an engraving machine manufacturer tells you that the system is very high-end but relatively cheap, it must be a pirated copy. Use of pirated software does not provide after-sales service. If there is a problem with the genuine software, our software engineers will remotely guide the replacement solution.

Third, practice a keen eye.

How to effectively find a strong manufacturer? It is said that walking around this place is also useful. After understanding your needs in the early stage, you can inspect the scale of the manufacturer on the spot. Instead of thinking about cheap and convenient, it is better to choose a manufacturer with incomplete supporting facilities. Training, software, after-sales service and technical guidance are what customers really need, so that you don't have to worry about service in the future.

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