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Analysis of common problems in the use of cnc router machine tools

Upload to:10-16 2021
For cnc router machines, the quality of accessories is directly related to the use effect of the product, especially the quality of the tools. The editor is the problem of common cnc router tools:

  1. Tool vibration

  The center of gravity of the tool is shifted, and the centrifugal force during rotation becomes larger, resulting in vibration during rotation. Solution: Lower the position of the chuck clamp (that is, try to shorten the length of the cutter head exposed at the bottom of the chuck). The chuck of the machine spindle is not stable (not clamped firmly), causing vibration.

  二. Short tool life

  1. The tool used does not match the setting of the machine itself, and the machine parameters need to be adjusted.

  2. The processing material is too hard. Solution: It is recommended to use imported tools with better tool materials.

  三. Single-edged knives are loud when used

  In terms of structure, the single-edged tool has a blade on only one side, so the processing efficiency is slightly lower. Solution: appropriately reduce the rotation speed, check whether there are foreign objects in the chuck or whether there is any problem with the fixing device.

single-head cnc router.jpg

  四. The machined surface is not smooth, white edges, and wrinkles

  1. The blade wears too quickly and becomes unsharp (white edges appear).

  2. The workpiece is not fixed properly. (White edges and wrinkles appear) Solution: Check the fixed condition of the workpiece and the tool, and re-install the clamping.

  3. The rotation speed does not match the movement speed (white borders appear at the beginning) Solution: Adjust the ratio of the rotation speed to the movement speed.

  4. The tool type is incorrectly selected, and different materials are selected according to the characteristics of the material.

  五. Blade collapse

  1. There is foreign matter in the processed part. Solution: Check the material content of the processed part and whether there are other objects on the surface of the processed part.

  2. The workpiece is not fixed properly, and the jitter is very large. Solution: Check the fixing condition of the processed parts, and fix the reason again if there is any problem.

  When choosing a product, everyone must choose branded products to ensure the quality of the product and the effect of use! More little knowledge bcam will continue to update you, please continue to pay attention to us.

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