Korean customers who are sincerely moved

Upload to:03-30 2021

   On December 23, 2020, South Korea's Asun company signed a cooperation agreement with BCAM. It took only 12 days from the communication and negotiation to the signing of the order to reach the cooperation, which not only brought good luck to BCAM at the end of the year, but also connected the previous and next months and opened a new page for our upcoming new year. BCAM has always used hard work attitude and high-quality products and services to win customers and the market..

On December 11, 2020, the purchasing manager of the Korean customer Asun contacted our company's director Wang and explained his needs. Asun is a company that develops and produces a variety of products using thermoplastic resins (PC, ABS, PET, acrylic, etc.). The small 5-axis CNC Router originally purchased mainly processed products of relatively small size. The expanding business needs to process products of larger size. They had to use outsourcing methods, not only the construction period and quality could not be guaranteed, but also greatly increased the cost of communication with the outsourcing personnel and the losses caused by deviations. Therefore, the need to buy an CNC Router that can process large-size products is imminent, and They have many businesses, frequent use of CNC Router, long-term stability and excellent quality of CNC Router are the key considerations for customers to choose CNC Router.

4-axis BCM2040C2.jpg

After understanding the customer's needs and budget, Director Wang immediately tailored a set of solutions for the customer, and selected a cost-effective solution that can achieve the ratio of all the functions of the 3-axis engraving machine to the part of the current 5-axis CNC Router. BCAM 4-axis BCMC series CNC Router.

Italian HSD spindle, high-performance automatic tool change electric spindle, known as the Number One in the woodworking industry, can meet customers' requirements for the stability of the CNC Router Vacuum adsorption table, strong suction, easy to accommodate multi-size workpieces, to meet users' requirements for the accuracy of processed products. Automatic lubrication system, one operation, easy to complete regular maintenance, improve work efficiency. Adopt high-quality Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and drive system, fast running speed and low noise.

Four-axis to meet the complex and changeable business needs of customers, three-dimensional processing of cylindrical, arc, circular and other surfaces. 

Three-year warranty on core components, installation manuals, and a series of after-sales services such as machine inspection videos are provided, winning the trust of customers.

After seeing the solution, the customer was very satisfied with the product configuration recommended by Director Wang, but quickly responded to a question whether the CNC router could meet their maximum processing size. Because this CNC router is 4-axis, it can rotate around the x-axis. When it rotates to the side of the workpiece, the size of the workpiece will be smaller than the size of the table, so the actual processing size is different from the table size.

4-axis BCM2040C.jpg

In fact, this point has been taken into account by Director Wang, who has many years of business experience. Because of language differences, communication is always not so smooth. Director Wang has explained to customers many times, and the language description is pale, so she draws through software. Software drawing is not easy to explain. She personally hand-painted the pictures and took pictures to send to the customers. Every day, she emailed to solve the customer’s questions in time. In this way, the effort paid off. The customer fully understood the concept of the table size and the processing size, and determined the moving distance of the Z axis. After 12 days of uninterrupted reply and explanation every day, the customer fully recognized the CNC Router and Director Wang.

4-axis BCM2040C 1.jpg

After confirming the product configuration, our technicians started the production of the CNC Router. After half a month of hard work, the production of the CNC Router was completed and entered the stage of inspection and testing. Engineers use the CAM software to make the engraving steps of the car model. The technicians verify the quality of the CNC router and enter the inspection stage. After 3 days of inspection and testing, the car model is perfectly engraved. The video of the machine inspection has been sent to the customer, waiting for an order from the customer. This CNC Router, which carries the painstaking effort of the people of BCAM, is about to cross the sea and bring higher value to the customer.