Aluminum & Metal Composite Cladding BCAM offers industrial CNC ro

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Built for manufacturers who process large volumes of cladding materials and rely on speed and efficiency, the BCAM system is the world’s leading all-in-one panel-fabrication solution on the market.By combining an advanced,easy-to-use software solution with a custom machine design,BCAM has created a system that can process all types of cladding materials faster,more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.


The conventional approach to the production of these panels has been to use panel saws, guillotines, notchers and turret punches. This method is extremely labor intensive and requires panels to be continually moved from one station to another.
Consistency and reliability of output also are major issues where multiple machines and operators are involved. Common materials in this industry are typically 50″,62″ or 78″ wide and typically up to 196″ long.By delivering a CNC Router with the bed size to handle the full sheet in one piece,the BCAM system reduces the risk of damage to the pre-finished panels.


Typically,hundreds or even thousands of panels are required in a single project. It is therefore important to maximize the material utilization to reduce costs and keep scrap to a minimum.BCAM incorporates a sophisticated nesting algorithm that can address both simple and complex panel geometry to reduce process time and maintain high levels of efficiency.
Common materials in this industry are typically 50", 62" or 78" wide and typically up to 196" long.

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