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Product Details

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We offer this machine in various bed sizes starting

BCK1318 digital cutting table can cut on fabric, leather, cardboard, plastic, paper, rubber, EVA foam, and it can cut many types of foam, such as closed cell foam, rubber foam, foamex, foam core, KT board, EPE foam, polyethylene foam, PE foam, PVC foam, etc. It's widely used for packaging protection, advertising display, termal insulation, model & mock up making, puzzle and pattern cutting, etc.
Model BCK1317
Bed Size in mm 1300*1700MM
Rated Power 11.0 KW
Bed Types Available Flat Plate Table Or Auto Feed Table
Safety System Infrared Sensor Safety Cut Off
Gantry Velocity 800 - 1200 mm/s
Cutting Speeds 200 - 800 mm/s
Cutting Thickness ≤22 mm
Materials Leather, Fabrics, PVC, HIPS, Sponge, Silicon, Rubber, Cardboard, Vinyl, Foamboard Acrylic and much more...
Transmission System Servo Drive Motors, Linear Guide Rails, Ball Screw
Power 380V ± 10%
Optional tools Plotting pens
Oscillating knife system
Optical camera recognition for easy contour cutting of prints
Creasing tools
Driven rotary tool
Drag knife
Kiss cut tool
V Cut bevel tool
Milling head (extraction is required and provided)
Auto feed bed systems

Benfit Choice for digtial cutting table

Does this cutting table can add some other tools ? Yes, this cutting table can  varied tooling heads.  Camera system, Kiss cut, Bevel cut, Oscillating Knive, Router Attachment , it's choosed according to your material .

Is this machine including air pump ? Yes, it's inlcuding .
Does this machine have automatic positioning system ? With high precision CCD camera, BCK cutting table can realize the precise position and registration cutting for different materials. It can solve the problems of manual positioning deviation and print deformation.

High performance digtial cutting table BCK1317

BCK1317 multi-functional digital cutter that meets a variety of needs,enables convenient tool-switching and provides economical future upgrading.
Suitale in various industries including packaging, printing, advertise displaying, leather processing, architecture modeling, composite material and knife modeling.  If you are still wasting valuable hours manually cutting ? This is a very choice machine to save your time, improve effiency.
Product Advantage

2.affordable, reliable
3.Huge Range Of Cutting Tools Available
4.High speed production
5.Short setup times

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Efficient Cutting Heads
The max cutting speed is 1m/s(4-6 times faster than manual cutting), which considerably increase the production efficiency.

High Precision Digital Cutting System
high precision digital cutting system can realize through cutting, kiss cutting, milling, punching, creasing and marking functions with high speed and high precision

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cnc router,cnc machine,cnc machining,cnc lathe,woodwooking,woodwooking tools,woodwooking machinery,woodwooking machine
Emgenercy safety device
The emergency stop button is installed at the corner of digtial cutting machine, which ensures the safety of the operators.

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