Models :  BCK1625 

Application :Packaging industry,Garment Industry,aerospace,furniture industry like Leather, all kinds of clothing flexible material, Sponge composite leather, PVC, Soft glass, Silicon, Rubber etc.  

Leadtime : 15 working days

Certificate : CE 

Voltage :220V  

Customized :yes  

Warranty : 18 moths

Supply Ability : 60 stes/month

Oversea Warehouse&Office : Dubai , Gernmany ,United Kingdom

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●  The BCK1625 cutting tableis working one Leather, all kinds of clothing flexible material, Sponge composite leather, PVC, Soft glass, Silicon, Rubber etc.
●  BCK cutting systems supply the best solution to make sampling and short-run production in variety of industries.
●  BCK is equipped with variety of knives and pens, meets different materials' cutting.
●  BCK can realize high speed, high precision full cutting, half cutting and punching.
1/Alternative, faster methods of manufacturing packaging, gaskets and seals
2/affordable, reliable
3/Huge Range Of Cutting Tools Available
4/Fast production
5/flatbed table or auto-feed optional
Efficient Cutting Heads The max cutting speed is 1m/s(4-6 times faster than manual cutting), which considerably increase the production efficiency.
High Precision Digital Cutting System high precision digital cutting system can realize through cutting, kiss cutting, milling, punching, creasing and marking functions with high speed and high precisio
servo motor and drivers With servo motor tool depth control, it reduces the abrasion of cutting tool and enhances the cutting quality at the same time, realizes the international advanced two-stage knife raising and falling control mode, reduces the cutting time greatly, and improves production efficiency.
Bed Size in mm
Rated Power
11.0 KW
Bed Types Available
Flat Plate Table Or Auto Feed Table
Safety System
Infrared Sensor Safety Cut Off
Gantry Velocity
800 - 1200 mm/s
Cutting Speeds
200 - 800 mm/s
Cutting Thickness
≤22 mm
Leather, Fabrics, PVC, HIPS, Sponge, Silicon, Rubber, Cardboard, Vinyl, Foamboard Acrylic and much more...
Transmission System
Servo Drive Motors, Linear Guide Rails, Ball Screw
380V ± 10%
BCAM knife cutting machine has proposed one stop integrated cutting solution according to different cutting requirements and cutting materials in car trim industry.It suits the processing of foot mat, car seat, steering wheel cover, etc.
1.Flexibility: Based on the universal model, free combination cutting tools can be exchange in a quick and easy steps to meet dynamic markets demands. All these make it convenient for the clients.
2.Reliable: Controller can be connected to any computer or laptop. This can free you from computer down problem and guarantee cutting machine work as planned.
3.EMC/EMI (Electromagnetic interference):This guarantee little down time on electrical circuit generated from external source effect.
4.Steady: Integrated welding body, frame and mounting can make the equipment quite steady.This can guarantee the cutting precision even after a long service time.
5.Feeding and handling system can be made automatically.
6.Multi-function tools: Oscillating cutting tool, driven rotary cutting tool, V-cutting tool, universal cutting tool, drawing tool, all these changes can be performed in a fast and easy way. Different cutting tools for different materials and demands.
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